Emerging Church Leadership Institute

Theological Training for the Ministry Leader

ECLI is a classroom-based environment to equip emerging leaders with the theological, philosophical, and practical tools necessary to sustain healthy faith communities. Church staff, ministry partners, and small group leaders are all benefiting from this leadership development initiative. Read about the course options below.

Michael, a ministry leader in Columbia, shares about his experience taking an ECLI class.

ECLI Classes


Learn the principles and proper techniques for interpreting the Scripture and how to use the understanding gained from interpretation to modern situations.

Bible Survey

A study of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation that examines why having a “big screen” perspective of the Bible is so vital for all disciples and critical to those called to leadership.

Bible Doctrines

Covers what the Bible teaches about God's Word itself, God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, Salvation, the Church, and the end times.

Theological Issues

Considers major theological issues, introducing students to the options evangelicals propose, along with resolutions consistent with our theological method.

Evangelical Heritage

A look at our history in light of sociological realities that brings the pragmatics of church life into sharper focus.


Learning to respond to questions and objections to the Christian faith by looking at evidence outside of the Bible that supports our belief.