We host scholars and practitioners in various fields of theological interest to give lectures and workshops for area pastors, ministers, and students. Below are our upcoming events and videos of our most recent visiting scholar lectures and a list of past visiting scholars. You can view all our videos on our YouTube channel.

Prof. Carl Esbeck: "Religious Liberty Issues"

Bill Victor: "The Bible on Race Relations"

Past Visiting Scholar Events

William J. Webb, Ph. D., The Violence Texts of the Old Testament –  August 2009

Sarah Sumner, Ph.D. – Men and Women in the Church – November 2011

Hugh Ross, Ph. D. – Christian Apologetics (A.W. Tozer Seminary Class) – Summer 2012

Bradley R. E. Wright, Ph.D. – Christians are Hate-Filled Hypocrites and Other Lies you’ve been told – July 2012

Leron Heath, D.Min. – A.W. Tozer Seminary talk – October 2012

Michael Burt, Senior Pastor Grace Bible Church – Divine Sovereignty and Free Will – November 2012

Reasons to Believe – Hugh Ross – October 2013

Robert Lupton, author of Toxic Charity – April 2014

Gregory Ganssle, Ph.D. – Summer 2014

Gerald R. McDermott, Ph.D. – What is Marriage? & The Emerging Divide in Evangelical Theology  – July 2014

David K. Clark, Ph.D. – Evangelical Theological Method, July, 2015

Carl H. Esbeck, Law Professor Emeritus at UMC – Religious Liberty – April  2015

J.P. Moreland, Craig Hazen, Greg Ganssle, Clay Jones – October 2015

Lois Tverberg, – Ph. D. author of Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus, Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus, and Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus – July 2016

Michael McClymond, Ph.D. –  Universalism: The Christian Debate on Salvation for All  –  January 2017: Watch Video

A.J. Roberts – Reasons to Believe; Insights into the Scientific Minds –  April 2017

Kirk MacGregor, Ph.D. – Luis D. Molina and Molinism – August 2017 – Watch Video

Kirk MacGregor – Webinar about  journal article on 1 Cor. 14:33-38 – July 2018 – Watch Video

John H. Armstrong – The Initiative – August 2018

Carolyn Custis James, Hosted by Created Female – September 2018 – Watch Video

Chris Gadsden, PhD. – “Logic: Mistakes Christian Communicators Make” – September 2018 – Watch Video

Lois Tverberg, Ph.D.  – 2019 Winter Lecture Series scholar – January 2019 – Watch Videos 

John Wigger, Ph.D. – Author of PTL: The Rise and Fall of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker’s Evangelical Empire – March 2019 – Watch Video

Michael Licona, Ph.D.  – 2019 Spring Lecture Series scholar – April 2019 – Watch Video

Sarah Sumner, Ph.D – Christian Board Governance – May 2019

Gary Layne – Co-Crucifixion with Christ – August 2019 – Watch Video

Jeremy Linneman – The Enneagram: An Evangelical Proposal – Sep. 2019

Stephanie Williams O’Brien – Hosted by Created Female, “Five Myths of Men and Women Leading Together” – November 2019

Bill Victor, Ph.D. – The Bible on Race Relations – November 2019

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