We host scholars and practitioners in various fields of theological interest to give lectures and engage in candid conversation for area church, campus, and ministry students.

Below is a partial list of all the scholars & lectures available. More can be found on our Youtube channel. And regrettably, not all the lectures listed below were recorded or are available for the purpose of having that more candid conversation. Those that are available can be found by clicking on the button below.

Carl Esbeck, Law Professor, State of the SCOTUS 2022

Various Scholars We’ve Hosted

John H. Armstrong, Catholics & Evangelicals Initiative, August 2018

David K. Clark, Ph.D. Evangelical Theological Method, July 2015

Carl H. Esbeck, Law Professor Emeritus; Religious Liberty Issues, Annual

Lisa Fields, Apologetics from an African/American perspective, Fall 2019

Bruce Hindmarsh, Historical Evangelicalism,

Carolyn Custis James, Hosted by Created Female, September 2018

Robert Lupton, Toxic Charity, April 2014

Michael McClymond, Universalism: The Christian Debate, Jan. 2017

J.P. Moreland, Craig Hazen, Greg Ganssle, Clay Jones, October 2015

Reasons to Believe

– Hugh Ross, Summer Lectures, 2021

– Hugh Ross, Christian Apologetics, 2012

– A.J. Roberts; Insights into the Scientific Minds, April 2017

Kirk MacGregor

– Molinst Ventures, December 2022

– Issues in Church History, December 2021

– Contemporary Theology, December 2020

– Luis D. Molina and Molinism; August 2017

-Webinar about CBE journal article on 1 Cor. 14:33-38, July 2018

Gerald R. McDermott, The Emerging Divide in Evangelicalism, July 2014

Michael Licona, New Testament Reliability, April 2019

Tremper Longman, III. Spring Lecture Series, 2022

Sarah Sumner, Right on Mission

– Christian Board Governance – May 2019

– Men and Women in the Church – November 2011

Lois Tverberg,

– Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus, January 2019

– Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus – July 2016

William J. Webb, Slaves, Women, & the RMH; August 2009

John Wigger, PTL: The Rise and Fall of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, 2019

Jim Wilder, Brain Science & Dallas Willard, Fall 2021

Bradley R. E. Wright, Sociologist, The Christian Failure Narrative, July 2012